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About Stars Fundraising

Once again, the Stars were able to keep player season fees relatively flat year-over-year while maintaining same amount of practice ice per team. Our fundraising committee has found other ways to cover costs through fundraisers such website banner ads and dasher board advertising. These programs are designed to raise revenues for the Stars and provide opportunities to REDUCE YOUR FEES.

Why are these fundraisers important?
These fundraisers are important to the Stars’ organization in the following ways:

  • Offset costs
  • Hire and retain quality head coaches
  • Add paid assistant coaches to teams
  • Keep player season fees relatively flat year-over-year while maintaining same amount of practice time per team
  • Reduce financial liabilities of the organization
  • For future use, create a fund surplus that can be used to:
    • Run special events throughout the season (barbeques, pizza parties, etc.)
    • Buy apparel for the players and coaches
    • Price Spring/Summer programs more reasonably
  • Depending on our success, potentially reduce fees for our families in subsequent years for fall hockey
  • Establish a scholarship fund for kids that can't afford hockey due to the high cost

The success and growth of our program depends on the parents, coaches and managers to volunteer their time to help these objectives become a reality. Thank you for all you do!

Glenview Stars Advertising Program

FUNDRAISING: Reducing Your Team Fees Just Got Easier!
Families who sell ads will benefit more than ever this season. With a little bit of effort you can even skate for free!

Stars Offer a 50/50 Split on Fundraising Proceeds
When you sell an ad you get 50% of the money. This form explains the rules, format and specifications for each player to sell ads for placement on the Glenview Stars website.

Website Advertising
There is the ability to sell ads on the heavily-trafficked Glenview Stars website. Visitors to the site access information related to the Glenview Stars hockey program including team rosters and photos, schedules, organization philosophy, rules and updates for events and activities and links to area hockey rinks and league websites.

Advertisers on the Glenview Stars website will have access to a site which produced the following metrics for the most recent season:

  • An average of 27,000 page views per month
  • Over 25,000 visitors

Program Info for Stars Families

Prices, Specifications and Samples to Share With Advertisers

Stars Dasher Boards

The Stars have teamed with the Glenview Ice Center to offer dasher board advertising. Ads are 8' x 3' and are placed so that everyone can see the ads at the rink. The ads get great exposure since teams from across the Chicago area visit the ice center all season long.

Proceeds from the dashers sold by Stars’ families will be split with the park district. The Stars will share a portion of the proceeds with you.

How Advertising Sales Helps All the Stars

While we are thrilled to offer you that 50% to help you reduce your hockey fees, it is worth mentioning that the other 50% of sponsor dollars goes into our operating budget to help pay for ice time and other costs of running the organization.

Every dollar of that 50% that flows into the organization is a dollar we do not have to charge anyone in hockey fees.

So we all benefit, and we all owe a "thank you" to those who sell ads. Additionally, we can thank our sponsors by choosing to do business with them.

How to Get Your Rebate

After the deadline, the Stars will tabulate all your sales and issue rebate checks. The Stars are eager to give you back the money you earned, but we ask that you understand the following points:

1. To be eligible for your rebate, you must be up to date with your team fee payments. The Stars cannot issue rebates to anyone who has not paid their team fees.

2. Do not deduct money from your team fee payment checks. This program is a rebate, which means that a check for your 50% of the sponsorship will be issued to you from the Stars.

Please do not subtract money from your team fee payments. This greatly complicates the accounting that our volunteers must perform, so we must ask you for your cooperation.

Own Your Sponsors and Benefit Year After Year

If you sell an ad this year* we think you should get the first chance to sell it again next year.

Anyone who makes a sponsorship sale has the exclusive right to renew it until Oct. 8 of next year. After that date, any player in the organization may approach and sell any sponsorship to any source no matter who sold it last year.

Glenview Stars Dinner Dance

Saturday, February 2, 2019, is the date for this season’s annual fundraiser. The Stars have one fundraiser per year and this benefit is it!.

We have incorporated new enhancements to our program this year that have been and will be funded by the proceeds from the dinner dance.

New this year, the event will be held at Chevy Chase Country Club, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wheeling, Ill., in the evening.

More detailed information will be forthcoming regarding the benefit. Each team will donate a basket to the auction with a value of approximately $250. Each team will be required to provide volunteers to help with the dance in terms of set up, selling raffle tickets, etc. A Sign Up Genius form link will be available closer to the event.

For questions or to volunteer, please contact Desi Toutsias.

Desi Toutsias

Glenview Stars Dinner Dance

Fundraising Committee

The Stars have an active fundraising committee. Contact Wendy Ban for more information and to volunteer!


Contact committee members directly with any questions.

Take Your Tax Deductions

The Glenview Stars Hockey Association is registered with the Illinois State Charitable Trust & Solicitation Division CO# 01-021-713 and Not-For-Profit Organization.

The Glenview Stars Hockey Association is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. Our EIN or Tax ID number is 36-3689401.

Advertising Details

Please make all sponsor checks payable to Glenview Stars Hockey Association.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Camera ready, black and white artwork can be submitted on a disk or via email. We will accept black and white paper artwork as long as it is clean, readable and formatted according to specs. If the artwork comes to us in an unreadable or sloppy format, additional charges may apply to “fix” it for publishing.

For questions about advertising with the Glenview Stars, contact