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About the Glenview Stars Hockey Association

Board of Directors

  • GSHA is a private, not-for-profit organization operated by a Board of Directors.
  • The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The Board ordinarily meets once a month.
  • The Board of Directors is responsible for operating the program and has the authority to suspend and/or ban participation of either a player and/or parent guardian in the program.


  • GSHA’s goal is to field teams in each age division of NIHL (Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget).
  • The Head Coach of each team selects players on a competitive basis.

Communication Policy

  1. The Glenview Stars desire open and full communication among its players and parents and the organization. In order to facilitate this exchange of information throughout the season, the Stars will regularly communicate via email blasts, newsletters, team meetings and updates on the Stars website.
  2. For general inquiries and communications from players and parents, please contact us at A board committee is in place to respond to communications forwarded in this manner.
  3. For specific communications related to your particular player or team, the Stars request that these questions, complaints, grievances and comments go through your coach (after observing the 24 hour rule), your age division Level Representative (listed below) and/or the Glenview Stars Hockey Director. Communications may be directed to just your coach, your Level Representative, the Hockey Director, or all three, depending upon your comfort level with those individuals and the nature of your communication. 
  4. The Stars are undertaking this departure in our historical communication policy to allow our hard-working team managers to focus on administrative matters for their teams.

Level Representatives

Girls Level Representative

Mike Finnamore

Mike Finnamore

Vice President, Coaching Committee

Mite Level Representative

Laura Pape

Laura Pape

Jr Stars Manager Liaison, Volunteer Coordinator

Peewee Level Representative

Sean Darke

Sean Darke

Legal, Coaching Committee

Squirt Level Representative

Catie Locallo

Catie Locallo


Bantam Level Representative

Sally Claffey

Sally Claffey

Manager Liaison

Team Manager

  • Each team will have a Team Manager who will be approved by the Board.
  • The Manager is responsible for assisting the coach in all business matters relating to the team, but shall not be an assistant coach.
  • All questions, complaints, grievances and comments shall be directed to the Team Manager. The Team Manager, if necessary, will handle each situation as instructed during Manager’s meetings.

Team Coach

  • Each team will have a Head Coach selected by the Hockey Director and approved by the Board.
  • Assistant Coaches are selected by the Head Coach subject to approval of the Hockey Director and the Board.
  • The Head Coach is solely responsible for all matters pertaining to the coaching of the team, subject to general guidelines set by the Board.
  • Each Head Coach and Assistant Coach will be qualified and approved by AHAI and USA Hockey. All coaches will be subjected to an AHAI-sponsored screening program as mandated by USA Hockey.


  • Every player will purchase a home and away jersey and home and away socks that are to be used for GAMES only.
  • Every player must have a white helmet and blue pants.
  • Neckguards and mouthguards are mandatory for all players for all games and practices.
  • The uniforms provided by GSHA are to be used only in GSHA sponsored games, not practices.

Logos and GSHA Name

  • The GSHA name, other names used or designated by GSHA, GSHA’s logo and designs are the property of GSHA and may not be used except as authorized by the Board.
  • It is the intent of GSHA to present a uniform and high quality image of the organization.
  • If you desire a use which has not been directly provided or approved by the Board, you must obtain prior permission.
  • The Board will be happy to review any proposed use upon proper presentation.
  • Contact us at


  • We have a website with contact information available at all times. Our address is
  • is the official website of the GSHA. No other website or any use of the internet will be allowed in conjunction with the Glenview Stars organization. If you are interested in website information, contact the webmaster at

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