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2019 Glenview Stars Summer Program

Registration is now open for the 2019 Glenview Stars Summer Program. Read the program description for more details and register today!

Glenview Stars Glacier Team Schedules

Date                Time         Away  vs  Home           Location

Squirt AA

  • Tuesday, 5/14   5:50 pm   Stars  vs  Winnetka      Winnetka
  • Friday, 5/17   3:00 pm     Stars  vs  Bluehawks    Twin Rinks Blue
  • Saturday, 5/18  10:20 am  Stars  vs  Ice Dogs        Glacier North
  • Sunday, 5/19   12:40 pm         Championship         NSIA


Squirt A – DiMaggio

  • Friday, 5/17   5:30 pm     Stars vs  Falcons       Twin Rinks Red
  • Saturday, 5/18   8:15 am  Stars  vs  Bluehawks    Winnetka
  • Saturday, 5/18   7:10 pm  Stars  vs  Chargers       MP South
  • Sunday, 5/19   11:50 am       Championship           Glacier South

Squirt A – Gencik

  • Tuesday, 5/14   5:00 pm   Express  vs  Stars        Glacier North
  • Friday, 5/17   5:25 pm    Winnetka  vs  Stars        Winnetka
  • Sunday, 5/19   9:40 am   Evanston  vs  Stars       Winnetka
  • Sunday, 5/19   3:50 pm       Championship         Glacier North

Peewee AA

  • Wednesday, 5/15   7:20 pm   Stars  vs  Ice Dogs     Glacier North
  • Thursday, 5/16   7:20 pm   Stars  vs  Express      Glacier North
  • Saturday, 5/18   7:10 pm   Stars  vs  Bluehawks    MP North
  • Sunday, 5/19   10:15 am      Championship        LF Academy


Peewee A – Merkle

  • Wednesday, 5/15   6:20 pm   Ice Dogs  vs  Stars       Glacier South
  • Thursday, 5/16   5:10 pm    Stars  vs  Bluehawks       Glacier South
  • Saturday, 5/18   8:10 pm    Falcons  vs  Stars       Twin Rinks Blue
  • Sunday, 5/19   1:00 pm      Championship            LF Academy


Peewee A – Gualano

  • Saturday, 5/18   1:05 pm   Stars  vs  Winnetka      Winnetka
  • Saturday, 5/18   5:50 pm   Evanston  vs  Stars      MP South
  • Sunday, 5/19   9:10 am     Express  vs  Stars         LF Academy
  • Sunday, 5/19   1:00 pm      Championship           Glacier North


Bantam AA

  • Tuesday, 5/14   8:40 pm      Falcons  vs  Stars      Glacier South
  • Wednesday, 5/15   8:40 pm   Bluehawks  vs  Stars    Glacier North
  • Thursday, 5/16   9:00 pm       Rockford  vs  Stars      MP North
  • Sunday, 5/19   2:30 pm      Championship            MP North


Bantam A

  • Friday, 5/17   8:50 pm    Stars  vs  Chargers       MP South
  • Saturday, 5/18   12:50 pm    Huskies  vs  Stars            MP South
  • Saturday, 5/18   8:40 pm    Wilmette  vs  Stars           Glacier South
  • Sunday, 5/19   1:10 pm       Championship            MP North

Squirt AA Team - Coach Jimmy Philbin

First Name Last Name
Christopher Cox
Liam Finnamore
Christopher Gall
Tanner Harazin
Sullivan Lyons
Cason Malee
Teddy Mikroulis
Eric Obrebski
Owen Pape
Thomas Preston
Declan Quinn
Luke Radel
Oliver Scheffler
Alex Sipe
Beckett Weller

Squirt A Team - Coach Paul Gencik

First Name Last Name
Matthew Adams
Chase Austen
Grayson Casler
Claire Cummings
Christian Dogaru
Dean Galanis
Samuel Gall
Kellen Herspold
Dylan Kozak
Casey Levy
Samuel Prieto
Maggie Ptak
Aidan Sheedy
Colin Sheehy
William Vorhies

Peewee A Team - Coach Nick Gualano

First Name Last Name
Jacob Borkowski
Alex Bottcher
Xavier Castelan
Alexander Dogaru
Grant Duncan
William Forsberg
Elliot Hupe
Stefan Kiperovic
Braden Mann
Braden Mendoza
Connor Orlando
Austin Rudd
Jonah Weiss
Logan Wolfram

Bantam AA Team - Coach Arik Lebda, Steve Funteas

First Name Last Name
Michael Ahlgrim
Ryan Besenjak
Kristofer Blumberg
Mark Duzhak
Liam Finegan
Daniel Lazar
Grant Lentz
Dylan Libel
Dylan Monagan
Benjamin Pajerski
Jake Peraino
James Reeder
Nathan Rusu
Jake Salvatore
Patrick Scheffler
Wyatt Sherwood
Will Stannard
Alex Tsoutsias
Samuel Walker

Squirt A Team - Coach Mike DiMaggio

First Name Last Name
Sullivan Alkema
Charlie Bliss
Cameron Brymer
Nicholas Chaconas
Charles Freund
Luke Gordon
Connor McPherson
Sam Mercado
Anthony Napolitano
Nathan Ognar
Elliot Sims
Connor Sit
Ethan Smaha
Charlie Tubikanec
Seth Weiss

Peewee AA Team - Coach Sylvain Turcotte

First Name Last Name
Ryan Ahlgrim
Dennis Alickolli
Zachary Borys
Michael Braasch
Jonathan Cesario
Evan Claffey
Robert Clingan
Cade Harazin
Blake Hoffer
Matteus Johansson
Nick Peraino
Anthony Pinto
Ben Stevens
Aleksander Tutaj
Matthew Vergamini
Aidan Weller

Peewee A Team - Coach Alex Merkle

First Name Last Name
Mitchell Adams
Isaak Bonnell
Mason Bux
Henry D'Antignac
Edward Fridman
Kellen Herspold
Liam Jolineau
Aiden Langenbach
Mike Lundvick
Cole McPherson
Anthony Musso
Charlie Preston
Caleb Sit
Jackson Strykowski
Alec Wise

Bantam A Team - Coach Paul Kokuzian, Steve Funteas

First Name Last Name
Ethan Adams
Christopher Anderson
Ryan Besenjak
Benjamin Cesario
William Ephrem
Cole Goodman
Colin Herbolsheimer
Audrey Hetman
Ben Hughes
Morgan Kimmins
Evan McClung
Jonas McClung
Jimmy McShane
Jeremy Omens
Benjamin Pajerski
Jake Papalas
Leonardo Zarzuela
Lorenzo Zarzuela
Luciano Zarzuela

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    Looking for Mite travel hockey for players 8 years old and younger? Visit the Glenview Jr. Stars at

    A Step aHead: Head Injury and Concussion Management

    AHAI, Athletico Physical Therapy, the Chicago Blackhawks, and NorthShore University HealthSystem have come together to create the AHAI: A Step aHead Baseline Testing initiative to combat one of the most common head injuries: concussions. The program includes free baseline concussion testing and educational programs, to youth hockey players in the AHAI program. For more information and to register for a free baseline screening, see the A Step aHead program website.

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    Glenview Stars Summer Hockey

    Registration is now open for the 2019 Glenview Stars Summer Program. Read the program description for more details and register today!

    Tactic Summer Hockey Strength & Conditioning Camp

    Summer Hockey Strength & Conditioning Camp
    June 10th - August 16th, 2019

    See details below...

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    2018-19 Glenview Stars Academic Excellence Award Winners

    Congratulations to the following Glenview Stars players for qualifying for the Northern Illinois Hockey League (NIHL) Academic Excellence Award for the 2018-19 season.

    Jonathan Cesario
    Nicholas Chaconas
    Isabella DeLordo
    Audrey Dengler
    Mark Duzhak
    Katie Favour
    Maya Gonzalez
    Hazel Kirwan
    Grant Lentz
    Lauren Manning
    Amelia McKenna
    Sofia Napolitano
    Claire Nicgorski
    Matthew Noble
    Jake Peraino
    Nina Riley
    Liliana Rohlf
    Nathan Rusu
    Matthew Samaan
    Abigail Schrantz
    True Thompson
    Leonardo Zarzuela
    Lorenzo Zarzuela
    Dylan Zonca

    The Glenview Stars are proud of your accomplishments on and off the ice!

    Handouts from Sports Nutrition Seminar

    The Glenview Stars recently hosted registered dietitian and competitive swimmer Melanie Battaglia for a seminar on pre- and post-fueling and hydration strategies for Stars players and families.

    A follow-up Q&A document and hockey nutrition handout are now available.

    About the Stars