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2500 Shot Club Members Announced

By Glenview Stars Staff, 10/11/18, 8:15AM CDT


See the Participating Players List

This summer, the Glenview Stars and Jr. Stars held a contest to see who could take 2,500 shots during their off-season. Participants kept track of their progress and turned in their results to Coach Sylvain.

Congratulations to Mite 2 player, Chase Austen, for an impressive 3,490 shots taken — the most of anyone in the program! Glenview Stars Squirt player, Nathan Ognar, came in second with 3,421 shots, while Mite 3 goalie, Kostantino Bubaris, took third place with 3,226 shots.

Congratulations to all who participated!

Chase Austen
Kostantino Bubaris
Noah Cohen
Mark Duzhak
Luke Fagin
Will Fagin
Camryn Hanson
Cade Harazin
Tanner Harazin
Colin Herbolsheimer
William Jenny
Barrett Kline
Olivia Kumiega
Lucia Lavalle
Natalia Lavalle
Dylan Libel
Lucca Martini

Sam Mercado
Lucille Ness
Claire Nicgorski
Roger Niedermaier
Jake Novak
Connor O’Gara
Nathan Ognar
Anthony Pinto
Aidan Sheedy
Dylan Sorrow
Vincent Terekhin
William Vorhies
Alec Wise
Adam Wisniewski
Leonardo Zarzuela
Lorenzo Zarzuela
Luciano Zarzuela