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Learn More About the Upcoming Glenview Park District Referendum

By Glenview Stars Staff, 02/20/18, 8:00PM CST


Show Your Support for the Plan With a Yard Sign

The Glenview Park District has proposed a plan to improve The Grove, renovate and expand the Glenview Ice Center and create a fund to purchase open space in the Glenview Park District. A referendum will appear on the March 20, 2018, election day ballot and all Glenview Park District residents are encouraged to vote.

Ready to learn more and help build support for the project? Visit the Citizens for Glenview Park District Bond Referendum website to see details about the plans and their impact on the Glenview community. You can watch videos about the conditions of the sites in the proposal, request a yard sign and help back the project to spread the word about the importance of the referendum. Get involved today!

Plan Highlights for the Renovation of the 44-Year-Old Glenview Ice Center

  • Address critical upgrades to extend the useful life of the existing facility, rather than replace it
  • Replace outdated electrical, plumbing, sewer lines and HVAC system
  • Improve ADA accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Update fire suppression system
  • Improve leaking, energy inefficient building envelope
  • Add new sheet of ice, allowing for the Glenbrook South girls’ team to play at the Ice Center as well as expand public skate hours, accommodate sled hockey, and address prime-time ice capacity issues