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Goodbye Covid Hockey Season 2020

By Kathy McPherson, 03/17/21, 11:15AM CDT


Goodbye Covid Hockey Season 2020

From a Team Manager’s Perspective

We started out excited, for our hockey season to begin.
We said we’ll fight this Covid thing and we will surely win.

With no support from NIHL, the Managers were confused.
Our games were now called scrimmages, we certainly weren’t amused.

There were no clocks or scoresheets, no game jerseys were allowed.
Our heads were spinning, the parents were complaining, what do we do now?

We began cold-calling ice rinks and buying lots of ice, we found our own competitors by searching on their sites.
Everything was in order, our scrimmages were in flight, then Governor Pritzker stepped in and said ‘no dice.’

We competed out of state and with every interleague team. We were happy to be skating and much to our dismay,
the Covid numbers rose again and we were shut down by ‘Turkey Day.’

We then found out we were stuck, in this God forbidden state.
No tournaments and no competing, we were really irate.

No team bonding or group dinners, no running in the hallways.
No parent late night mingling, so let’s just end this and call it a day.

We set ‘em up again and thought we ‘d made some success,
but sadly only found out, most teams were retreating on hiatus.

Then came the Great Lakes Hockey League, we were elated to compete,
The kids were skating, the parents were happy, until our opponents started to cheat.

They organized teams to their advantage, but we held our heads up high,
because we’re The Stars, we have integrity and that can certainly never be denied.

It’s been a tough year for hockey we’ve all had so much loss,
but next year we will rise and show them who is boss.  

We say goodbye to the Covid Hockey Season and the end is finally here,
let’s focus on the positive, rise up, be strong for next year!

Author, Kathy McPherson, Manager, Glenview Stars