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Tactic Mobile Training App!

By Glenview Stars Staff, 04/06/20, 10:45AM CDT


Glenview Stars and Tactic Nation,

We are so excited to announce that we will be bringing you mobile programming through the BridgeTracker app. The app enables us to program workouts that are almost identical to the exercises we run at the training facility. Given the current status of our world, we wanted to provide our athletes with something more than just daily videos, and simple workouts with little instruction. 

Warm-up, skill development, strength training, core, and recovery sections are all included in our five days per week plan. All exercises can be done with or without weight. We encourage everyone to be creative with adding resistance if you have none. Fill milk jugs with water, load up your backpacks, water bottles, and whatever else you can create. 

We took our time in selecting an infrastructure that is closely aligned with our methods and training plans. This application gives us the ability to track member's progress, allow athletes to input daily information including hours slept, food intake, and many more areas that track your overall health and performance. 

Oh! Did we mention that almost 100% of all exercises come with video and coaching cues to help at home! You can even video yourself so we can review your technique with applicable exercises and movements. Check out the images below!

The weekly Tactic At-Home Program will only be $65 / month, and you need to email us directly or message us through our social platforms. We will charge your GloFox account and send an email with the app link and access. We are also offering a deal of monthly access to the plan, as well as (4) virtual personal training for just $200!

For a video demonstration, please visit and our Instagram or Facebook post/story. If you have any questions, please email us, and we will answer your questions asap. Let's get after it.